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The L.O.V.E. Project

"Creating safe spaces for girls of color"

The L.O.V.E. Project provides girls of color a safe space to explore their experiences and goals.

Space is created for young girls, 9-17 years old, to explore the values around self-love, sisterhood and building community through entrepreneurship.

Our sessions include meditation, yoga, journaling, various personal development activities, and affirmations.

To date, we have worked with more than 600 girls of color in six different school districts.

Our current partners include:

Most Holy Trinity Catholic School and Academy

St. Louis Catholic Academy

LaSalle Middle School

Lift for Life Academy

Lafayette High School

Marquette High School

Rockwood Summit High School

Francis Howell North High School

Northwest Academy of Law and Social Justice

Brentwood Middle School

Brentwood High School

Past Partners included:

Pamoja Preparatory Academy

Jennings Junior High School

Northview Elementary School

Hanrahan Elementary School

Fairview Elementary School

Marion Middle School

Innovative Concept Academy

Crestview Middle School


We offer Saturday sessions to girls from the community who want to get involved in the program despite us not being in their schools.

Sessions are every other Saturday from 11-1 pm. Please check our program calendar for Saturday session dates and location.

Here's what our past partners have to say!

"I have been involved with the program since its inception in the Rockwood School District and believe that it embodies some of the best principles of empowerment and self-efficacy for young girls. The transformative power of the LOVE Project lies in its ability to engage young women by listening and empowering the young ladies to use their voice. The LOVE Project allows the girls to imagine the future, both personal and societal, in ways that empower the young women to change their world for the better, a world that is inclusive of both school and the larger community. "

-Dr. Terry Harris, Coordinator of Educational Equity and Diversity, Rockwood School District

"Since bringing the program to the school, we have noticed a positive change in the participants. The girls are all very eager to meet with Mrs. Duncan and as a result have requested more time with her."

"While in the program the participants are being challenged to view themselves in a more empowering way. I have witnessed the girls talk in great detail about stereotypes and how they can ensure they are not perpetuating any negative stereotypes. I have watched Mrs. Duncan pull from the girls their inner most insecurities and offer healing ways for the girls to move forward."

- JoAnn Reese, Vice Principal of Pamoja Preparatory Academy

To learn more about how to bring this program to your school, contact or call our office at (314) 467-0765

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