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Heart Wisdom: "On Self-Love" by Lucia Picaza

Posted by Shante Duncan on June 6, 2011 at 7:25 PM

Many of us spend years desiring to better our lives and our environment.  We are taught to go to school, work hard and to develop ourselves as we go through life.  We graduate from college, some of us get Masters or Ph. D's or become lawyers or doctors.  And yet many of us end up unhappy, frustrated, and unfulfilled.  Interestingly enough, we are expected to know about personal relationships, business relationships, about correct career choices, and successful friendships.  Again, most of us end up hurt and alone, not knowing how to make sense of this game called life.  Unfortunately, most of us are not born with the complete understanding of how to "get it all to work" and very surely can end up like everyone else.  We must learn how to make the changes or what it takes to make them.

The study of self-love is probably one of the most rewarding and profound journeys a soul ever takes.  It changes your life, your destiny, your choices, and your ability to be fulfilled.  Without a strong relationship with ourselves and the integration of self-love, many of us are left wandering through life without true purpose and deep soul understanding of who we are.

We consider self-love the first and most important step toward reaching a fulfilled and enriched life.  In learning to love yourself, you will discover layer upon layer of areas which do not reflect self-love.  As you learn to reach into yourself and heal these areas that do not reflect love, you begin to make different choices in friendships, different choices in partners, different choices in living space, and different choices in the quality of your intimacy.  You have the ability to change your destiny over and over, reaching for more love with every choice!  You outgrow unhealthy choices and create much richer environments for yourself.

In truly learning how to love yourself, you discover how to love more, and it is in this deep intimate time with yourself that you have the opportunity to walk self-love every moment of every day.  Taking time to learn and integrate self-love in a deep and profound way ensures a loving future and creates a solid pillar upon which you will build your life.  Know how to deeply love yourself and you will learn how to truly love the world!

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